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Other tools



The USG Sheetrock® Tools Heavy Duty T-Square is designed with a highly visible green finish and 1 /2"tall finger guard to protect against accidental blade jumps.


Available in 48" and 54" lengths. 



  • Easy to read 1 /8" marking

  • 1/2"tall finger guard to protect against accidental blade jumps

  • Heavy-duty 3/16" aluminum blade

  • Highly visible green finish


The dimpler

This compact tool converts your standard electric drill into a professional screw gun!


  • Countersinks screws perfectly

  • Prevents stripping screw head

  • Extends bit life

  • Powerful magnet holds screws in place in any drill position

  • Prevents screws from penetrating too far and weakening the gypsum core


6" jab saw

The USG Sheetrock® Brand Tools Professional Jab Saw is designed for the drywall professional who needs a strong jab saw with a sharp tip for plunge cutting, an aggressive tooth design for fast cutting and a handle that offers maximum comfort and hand protection. 



  • Sharp tip for plunge cutting

  • 1.8 mm thickness for added strength

  • Aggressive tooth design for fast cutting

  • Lighter, soft-grip handle designed for maximum comfort


Pole sander

The drywall industries premium brand brings you an exceptionally engineered pole sander built to perform.


  • A low center of gravity helps to prevent flipping and gouging of the wall

  • Clamps are designed for quick and easy paper changes and sit low as to not mark up the wall

  • Setting screw is used to lock down the pole and keep it from turning, twisting, or unscrewing

  • Can be purchased with our sturdy aluminum pole, or used with most standard extension or paint poles

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