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Our instantly recognizable green-handled drywall knives are regarded as the premium brand of knives throughout the drywall industry and taping community.

Our stainless steel mud pans are known for their durability, while their rounded corners create a smooth transition from the bottom to the side of the pan for easy mixing and cleaning.

The USG Sheetrock® Tools Hopper is built to perform above and beyond the average industry hopper. And you can't find a better companion than our corner rollers.

USG Sheetrock® Tools' revolutionary mud mixer is hands down the most durable, efficient, and well-engineered mud mixer on the market.

Its unique design makes it instantly recognizable.

From jab saws to pole sanders, the Sheetrock® Tools line has an ever-expanding set of top-of-the-line, innovative drywall tools and accessories.

USG Sheetrock Stilts - Digital Rendering


USG Sheetrock® Tools' 

ultra-light MAGNESIUM stilts introduce exciting new improvements that drywall stilts have never seen. These features boost comfort and ease of use to an entirely new level.

Built to the high standards you have come to expect from us.

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